Annyeong! Welcome to Jinkyomi! I’m excited to recreate and move my blog here from blogger, which I hope will be a more wonderful way for me to share my ideas everything in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and more!

I got my blog name from internet meme, Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미 송) a  K-pop single by South Korean singer Hari who made a series of cute hand movements or simply “counting numbers in a cute way”.  Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi means a cute person. So, I decided to combine my name Jinky+Kwiyomi then result sounds interesting and cute Jinkyomi! Thus I want to share my blog with a lot of thoughts and a bit of cuteness.

Jinkyomi is special, in that it provides cuteness of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and KPop. I hope you will all enjoy the fact that this is not just a blog for learning things but also about finding inspiration, supporting each other’s creativity, and building the lifestyle of your dreams all with a little help from your friends!

I look forward to making new friends here and sharing cute words!