Black and White

Annyeong! How are you? Halloween is over! Today I am sharing with you my first photo collection!^_^

Yoon Eun Hye, ME, Kris Bernal

I am very shy girl even in camera, I don’t usually take selca because I’m very concious on camera and I think I’m not photogenic. So, it’s my first time to attempt to pose in front of camera and explore my creative side on fashion, how to project and express feelings on pictures aside from makeup. My photos are inspired by Coffee Prince’s leading character, Yoon Eun Hye. Yoon is one of my favorite korean actress and I like her a lot because she is so beautiful, good actress, singer and model.


You may start with a white long sleeves and a black skirt or pants or the other way around. ;)



Try vests it totally add fashion look! With this black socks and cute shoes they absolutely work as well, I definitely nailed with cuteness.



There is no strict rule in fashion, as long as you take balance and proportion into consideration.



I hope you like my photos! See you in my next post! Annyeong!

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