Etude House: Etti Beauty Lens Case Review

Hi Lovelies! Today I’m going to do a quick post about Etude House’s Etti Beauty Lens Case! Etude House is a well-known brand that produces girly cute products and releases VIP (limited) items and is not available to buy with cash.

Etude House – Etti Beauty Lens Case


Etude House containers are designed with ultra-cute pink colors. This super cute Etti lens case to store and take care of your lenses. It cute case comes with (5) mirror case, (4) contact lens case, (2) lens tweezers and (3) stick and (1) lens solution bottle.

Case with 4 tools
  • Tiny bottle solution

On the go liquids lens solution in mini dropper bottles.

Bottle solution
  • Lens Tweezers

The tweezers and stick are meant to help you take off and put on your lenses without using your fingers.

Lens Tweezers
  • Mini Inserter and Remover Suction Holder Stick

It has a silicon tipped enabling contact lenses to be inserted and removed without touching the fingers.

Suction Holder Stick
  • Lens Container

It’s suitable for hard or soft lenses where you can keep your lenses safe.

Lens Container
  • Mirror Case

This contact lens case and lens holder comes with complete mirror for ease of change and lens removal on the go.

Mirror Case

My Thoughts

I completely love it! Etude House Etti Beauty Lens Case has a cute and girly design. And for a girl who usually carries her contact lens box around, I found this case really convenient, can be used to hold the lens when traveling is very useful and effective. It’s very easy to use and helps keep my lenses fresh and my pretty little eyes healthy without using fingers. In addition to carrying lens, it can be used as a travel mirror; a mini jewelry box where I can also use to store my daily precious accessories and for cosmetics reasons, it can be used to hold small amount of bb cream, sun cream or lip gloss in the little lens L-R box without spill.

Etude House – Etti Beauty Lens Case
Note: Just press the button to open the case.

Thanks for reading. See you in my next Review! Annyeong!

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