ETUDE HOUSE: Moistfull White Emulsion Review

Annyeonghaseyo pretties! I am so lazy for this month… I did not able to post a new review, anyway I will be sharing with you my latest skin care (^.^). I just wanted to rave about this awesomely great product! :D


This makes my skin more smoother , healthier andfully hydrated without any sticky heavy feeling! This is only I put on my face on weekdays especially in the morning, I normally go to office without makeup or I should say only my favorite red lipstick hihi :) so this is my base makeup anything else but on weekends I use it so much because I want to hydrate my skin from my heavy makeup.


Baobab fruit extract, niacin amide, rosehip flower oil, orange oil, lavender oil


Product Description:

  • Rosehip oil and niacin amide with vitamin C brighten skin tone.
  • Contains baobab fruit extract, moisturizing ingredient, to create hydrated skin.
  • Soothes skin and offers smooth touch without shine.


IMG_20131228_174952  IMG_20131228_175803

The shape is really nice because it looks fancy. It can be use as vase. The cover cap is teardrop shape and I am bit worried though because it unscrew easily and pour the contents.

IMG_20131228_175118 IMG_20131228_175154

Even though it is made of glass, it’s pretty thick so it won’t break easily. 

IMG_20131228_175555 I have no problem at all with the bottle without a pump because the cream slides out so effortlessly.


I am guessing that it says that it’s a lotion. The lotion and the skin care use the same container and I think they’ve made a distinction by using this braille.



The product is white but turns transparent when massaged onto face. It’s a lotion-type product, but it was a bit watery. The scent is really nice. It has a similar smell like the Aloe Moistfull Lotion.


It gets absorbed quickly but will not make you feel that your skin is dry. The cream isn’t very sticky and has a lot of moisture in it.


I super highly recommend this to anyone finding a moisturizer or hydrating cream! This is actually my current basis for an emulsion! I have another skin care product that I previously reviewed but I more enjoying and loving this white emulsion. I love how awesomely feels on skin and the scent is relaxing.

☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5

How did you find my latest skin care?Let me know in the comment section below!Annyeong!

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