IU (You and I) Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun! I finally decided to post a make-up tutorial inspired by IU (아이유)! So far, this is my second make-up tutorial! Lee Ji-eun, better known IU is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress, guitarist, dancer and tv host. Her screen name is derived from the phrase “I and You“,means that we can become one through music. She is also known as ‘Korea’s little sister‘, famous for her innocent eyes, natural make-up and porcelain skin. 


I love her make-up in her music video “U&I” and I’ve been dying to try it out. I really enjoy a lot to re-create her look in this tutorial. Also I decided to throw in her usual make-up look as it’s much more simpler than it looks to achieve!


Her look features a ‘dolly’ look with big round eyes and natural face make-up. I hope you will like my 10 easy to follow tutorial.

 Let’s start!

Step 1: Apply your BB-cream or Foundation. Then powder your face to help makeup last.


Step 2: Draw your eyebrow straighter than usual.


Step 3: Apply brown eye shadow on your upper lid.


Step 4: Line your eyes with black gel liner or eye liner, at the end draw a small wing.


Step 5: Line your lower lash with brown eye shadow or brown eye liner, connecting it with the small wing in Step 4.


Step 6: Using your brown eye shadow or eye liner, line 1/8 of your water line.


Step 7: Apply white liner on your water line.


Step 8: Curl your lashes and apply mascara.


Step 9: Conceal your lips to achieve lighter shade, then apply your pink colour lipstick.


Step 10: Apply lip tint or gloss in the center.


To finish your makeup you can add a bit of pink blush on your cheeks, not too much, you will lose the natural look. You can wear a top or dress with a collar. Put your hair in pigtails to complete the IU look!

Here’s my final look!




She has a really pretty face and her image requires natural makeup. So how do I look? Please let me know your comments, I’ll be waiting! ;) Annyeong!

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