Aegyo Sal: Love for Cute Smile

Annyeong! I’m back with my new look “AEGYO SAL” (eye pouches/eye pockets) I have this obsession with “eye pouches” recently because of Sulli of Fx. She is the latest endorser of Etude house and her smile looks adorable and I envy her. But my all favorite kpop celebrity is Kim Tae Hee her everyday make up is so cute I’m really amazed on how the eye pouches can make a big difference and looks so natural to her, so i decided to give it a try.

Using tape to achieve puff beneath the eye.


Aegyo derives from the Chinese characters “love(ae)” and“ beautiful(gyo).”
Aegyo sal, means ‘eye smiles’ or ‘cute skin’ and is new trend in Korea.
Considered to make face look more attractive and youthful.
Aegyo Sal is the layer of skin under the eyelids that gives your eyes more life and basically makes it look bigger.
Essentially, it is a bulge of fat immediately under the lash line that creates puffiness under the lower eyelid.
Women using make-up, sticky plastic or surgery to make bags pop.

Now everyone can fake it up by using make up! Yes you can have AEGYO SAL too!

Wanna try it?^^

You can get it from Etude House, Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker!

Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker
It so easy to apply.

Here are the photos of Kim Tae Hee how she normally look like with a little bit of magic of eye pouches transformed to a cuteness!

images (2)
Kim Tae Hee’s eyelids that gives her eyes more life.
Korean beauty is a look with natural eyelids.

This new trend considered to make you more attractive and youthful-looking. This is a highly desired feature in Korea and other Asian cultures. Some women are even having plastic surgery to achieve the look, while others are resorting to using commercial filler and fat grafts.

IMG_20130901_220226 copy
My natural eyes.
IMG_20130915_224902_2 copy
My natural cute smile.^^
IMG_20130901_204413 copy
With puffy eye makeup.

It really  make a difference! That’s how it look like above  with making my eyes bulge! The illusion of puffy eyes by over emphasizing my inner corners and blending the eye shade further out.

So how do you feel about my eye smile?  Would you try faking Aegyo Sal?

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