Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss Review

Yeorobun Annyeonghaseyo! ;-) What physical asset people think is the best part of them? Well, I know but everyone says their skin, nose, eyes, hips, legs and a perfect lips! So I guess I like my nose and eyes, I was gifted a brown and almond shaped eye, doll-like eyes that some Japanese and Korean girls have. ;-)


Smiles look great when lips are happy and healthy; so I make sure that I’m picking the right lipstick; a red or dark pink shade to cover my black lips. I have to take care by putting some lip balm to make it smoother and hydrate. But thank god now at least I found a perfect lip gloss!

Therefore, I present to you an Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss in ERD301 review!


Product Description

Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss is a combination type of lipstick and lip gloss with vivid real color and enamel glossyHybrid coating system offers enamel glossy and maintains moist onto lips.



It contains rose oil and honey extracts for lips nutrition and hydration.


Product Features


Five shades to choose:

  • ERD301 Wonder Glorry Red, Tomato Red
  • EPK001 Super Shiny Pink, Yellow tone bright pink
  • EOR201 Sweet Coating Coral, Pinky Coral
  • EBE101 Glazing Beige, Pinky Nude Beige
  • EBE102 Chic Enamel Beige, Red tone beige



It doesn’t come in a cute box package but don’t worry it’s pretty much closed. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around for touch ups during the day.


 It is freshly sealed by a clear plastic to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with and opened. It also indicate the date manufactured and color and other information written in Hangul.


The applicator is attached to the cap, the end is slightly bent looks like a sharp spoon tip for an easy and quick glide and a hole in the upper part for dipping and applying with just one touch.



Remains vivid color and luster look just like the color from the advertising picture.  It has a thick and slightly sticky side, but very smooth otherwise.



Its waterproof feature guarantees smudge-free and flake-free finish which can last until the end of the day.


It smells like strawberry and the taste on the lip is like a sweet candy. Actually, it’s like I’m eating candy every time I apply this on my lips.



  See, I have a very bad lips so I don’t go out with my bare lips. I have red lips when I was little, I don’t know how this happen. :-(



Tadaa! Its a magic touch of a pretty tint. My lips are now shinierlively and looking healthy. The black lip line you see before are now fade.


I would recommend this for simple everyday look. It’s a really sweet and innocent, youthful-looking color that gives more of a glossy effect and actual coloring. It’s very pigmented so you don’t have to apply too much on your lips to get the result you want.


Girls will surely love this enamel gloss! This is especially made for you sweet princesses. Annyeong!

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