Etude House: Lashes (Natural) Review

13794296175313Annyeong! I will review this lovely eyelashes. I think the best thing about this lashes is that they are so natural, it just accentuate your eyes, making the look bigger and dolly-like.

The lashes are also designed carefully for the eye. They have a nice criss-cross design, and are longer at one end than the other. With these lashes, you can achieve both length and volume and still have a natural look. Great for both beginners like me and beauty experts.

Etude House NATURAL Lashes

I love the pink packaging, the simple but sweet sparkle details, and the interesting shape. When first opening the container, there are two small strips of clear tape that hold the top bit from the bottom.

The lashes are attached with sticky glue. You just have to be careful when pulling them off to retain the shape  but even if you mess up the shape it’s not a big deal. The lash material is slightly shiny, but feel soft and natural.


These lashes are the my first pair and I’m very happy that I’m able to put on without having to redo.  The glue which is super easy to remove and dries clear. They’re quite sturdy and can be reused a number of times without losing their shape too much.

pizap.com13797918065932Overall, they’re nice for the price. Cheap but hugely better than other Dolly Wink lashes, hold up well due to their sturdy band, pretty easy to put on.

✓ Very effective, can be worn for any situation, cheap, cute packaging, easy to put on
✘ band is kind of thick
☆☆☆☆ out of 5

I definitely recommend these lashes! I like them a lot and will probably try out a few other varieties by Etude House.

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