Etude House: My Dear Blooming Lips-talk Review

Annyeong pretties! I have a new review for you today. I’m reviewing one of my favorite product, the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk. This is the one out of 24 cute lippies, affordable, and the color is huge to choose from.

My Dear Blooming Lips-talk
Variety of colors to choose from.

Description From Etude House

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk: Lovely & Girlish 24 colors!

♡ Smooth texture and outstanding color of creamy gel texture makes clean and vivid lips.
 Relaxed Fitting Complex & Smooth Powder System makes smooth lips without crack.
Moist Liquid Paste and Hydro-Moist Complex makes moist and kissable lips.


I’d say the main attraction is of course the packaging! Here is the box looks very pretty.

pizap.com13789940121561 copy
Adorable packaging!

The Blooming lipsticks are  packaged in pale pink tubes and adorned with a  metallic pink bow at the bottom. I love the slight curved shape of the tube, and extra detail at the top but I really love about is the  bullets cuteness because of  engraved pretty heart and crown design that really shows princess carriage.

pizap.com13789965705001 copy
Electrifying Red (RD302)


pizap.com13789981947811 copy
Electrifying Red are actually the ‘hot’ picks of the colour range, so I figured it to be a safe choice to get them.

My favorite color is Electrifying Red (RD302), which is more of a  red orange than a true red! But I do like all the colors a lot. These lipsticks are really creamy and smooth it’s a breeze applying them to your lips but it really won’t look good if you apply this lipstick when you’ve got chapped, “damaged” lips.

pizap.com13790017074811 copy
Wearing Breathtaking Red (RD304) straight from the bullet.

I found the Dear My Blooming lipsticks really shows up pretty well on my lips with a satisfying color payoff. They give a lot of pigmentation from the first swipe and they last decently long, but I find to reapply a bit after eating or drinking  although it still gives a faint tint even at the very end.


These lipsticks are really nice, and it’s well worth having one or two in your lipstick collection. And because these are so good, I’ll probably see myself buying more of these in the future but I personally would never spend P478.00 on a lipstick otherwise I would recommend these to lipstick lovers! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

✓ cute packaging, variety of colors, creamy and smooth texture, lightly scented, wearable
 a bit drying, accentuates dry parts of the lips
☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5

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