Korean Straight Brow – Ulzzang Tutorial

When I first landed in this modern world of beauty I don’t even touch my eyebrow simply because I’m not good on “editing” my brow since then I keep on practicing and I just learned how by experimenting and finding out what’s best for me. I have natural straight eyebrows so it’s not hard for me to achieve the popular Korean straight brow without having to shave or trim them.


The Koreans eyebrow captures a straight with natural, softer and lighter which gives a youthful innocence to the face.

But your eyebrow doesn’t have to be really straight line there’s also some type of straight brows you can choose from like:

  • Straight/ flat brows


  • Straight but angled upward brows


  • Straight with arch brows


To achieve the Korean straight brow, it’s good to have a eyebrow kit: razor, brow pencil, powder, mascara, spoolie and stencil.


I will attempt to show you how to pull off a straight brow using Etude House eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara.

Drawing Eye Brow #3


This is one of the my favorite and most basic ways to fill in my brows. It allows me to go on creating a straight line naturally and smoothly, without the risk of harsh lines. Yes, it has a travel friendly packaging. It’s very handy with retractable slim pencil packaging, no sharpener required. I bought it for P148. It’s so affordable, right? :-) It has refill also for only P78, so the only thing you need to do is just replace the empty one with the refill.


This product is pressed into a stick and has a slanted tip makes it easier to draw in short strokes for a straight, thick brow.


Use light strokes to fill out your brows and soften it all out with a stiff brow brush or spooly.



It has a dry, almost-chalky texture than other eyebrow pencils that goes on matte and light, which is ideal and easy to achieve for any type of brow.

Color My Brows #2


I got mine in brown/gold tone for P378, which happens to match perfectly with my summer hair. This product is suits for those with thin, sparse brows which instantly gives the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. The combination of cream and gel effortlessly defines and fills in the look of brows while controlling and shaping without flaking or fading.


It comes in a cute paper book-like packaging. When we open it, we can see the bottle is tucked in the middle of packaging, so it won’t fall. You can see the detail information inside written in Korean of course. :-P


It comes in a little light brown tube that consists of 4.5g of product and a mascara-like brush.


The wand could be a bit smaller for a more precise application, but it’s not that big hassle for the brush because you get a nice coating on your eye brows.


ShaveSince my brows are pretty much straight I just skip the razor, a little cleanup and shaping is only needed. But if you have a very thick brows, best way to do this is comb your brows downward and then you begin to cut the stray hairs using a small pair of scissors. For high arc, you basically shave the top part off. Put your razor on top of your arc, slowly rake the razor left to right to create a straight top brow.


Outline. To fill in your brow, you should have a good quality brow pencil with you (a few shades lighter than your hair). Using your brow pencil, draw a line straight out from the highest point of your brow and line out to where the eye ends.


Soften. Fill in the empty space and sparse areas, use spooly brush to blend and soften your brow so it looks like natural.


Tinted. I like to set off using brow mascara in a lighter color than my brows. Also, it has micro glitters that reflect a little bit of light. Since they’re going to be drawn in quite thick, I stumble on a lighter color and it’s more flattering.


One coat later and just look at that pigmentation! It’s definitely impressive and is probably my favorite thing about this brow gel. I really love how it significantly lightens my eyebrows, so they look a lot more natural now that they go with my brown hair!

My Final Look


Overall, I love both product. The Drawing Eye Brow is absolutely brilliant and you really get what you pay for. It’s sheer enough just add some shape and it can be built up for a much defined brow without looking too heavy and dark that lasts all day.This product is also great to draw the line and fill the eyebrows easily especially for beginners. It actually better than I’ve had from other brow pencils. Color My Brows is perfect for instant brow touch-ups anyplace and anytime. I was absolutely impressed with how long this stayed on. It’s the must-have tool for any beauty-savvy lady. It’s non-greasy formula can easily be removed with makeup remover. I would highly recommend this and will buy more in the future.

And, that is how I achieve the Korean straight-brow trend. Pretty, right? Thank you so much for reading everyone!  Annyeong!

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