Little Gothic Doll Tutorial

Annyeong cutties! Happy Halloween! The photo of the day is Gothic doll look! ^_^


My inspiration for the day is Lolita fashion, it originate in Japan that is based on Victorian-era clothing.  Fashion are styled with blouses, knee high socks or stockings and headdresses.


Gothic lolita, sometimes shortened to GothLoli (ゴスロリ gosu rori), is a combination of the Gothic and Lolita fashion. For the make-up look, shade is darker and also for the clothing. Though Gothic make-up is associated with a white powdered face, red lipstick and smokey or neatly defined eyes, created using black eyeliner.


There are also a lot of style types of Lolita fashion, for this day Halloween Gothic Doll is my transformation.  My make-up is so easy I only done it for 5 minutes. This make-up routine is very simple and I only used face powder, eye shadow (mocha), black eyeliner, and blusher.


To finalized the look, I paired my make-up with a shade of purple dress and a peach lace clip for  headdress.


I love how I transform into a cute, modest and elegant, but not to the degree of scary Gothic doll styles.

How did you find my look? Is it nye or yes? Thanks for reading! Annyeong!

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